C 1910-1919
Image courtesy of SLSA

On the 29 September 1911 The Express and Telegraph makes mention of a new picture theatre about to open. The Central Picture Theatre, named because of its central location in the city of Adelaide. It was located on Wakefield Street only a little way away from Victoria Square. It was initially planned for seating of 1500 patrons, with the plan to increase with another 700 seats if needed in the future.

29 September, 1911
The Express and Telegraph
Image courtesy of Trove

A little over two weeks later on October 14, 1911 in The Register, there appears a Prospectus for the sales of 30,000 shares to the general public to raise the capital needed to build this need theatre. Each share was to be sold for £1.00.

14 October 1911
The Register
Image courtesy of Trove

The employment notices in The Advertiser on 5 April, 1912 calls for bricklayers to work on the new building.

5 April 1912
The Advertiser
Image courtesy Trove

Opening night was set for Thursday 11 July 1912, although the Saturday Mail erroneously advertised it as 1902.

6 July 1912
Saturday Mail
Image courtesy of Trove

The day after opening The Advertiser ran a small article/advertising which tells much about the interior of the theatre, as well as describing the screen as the largest in Adelaide at 30ft by 27ft. It goes into a lot of details including about the wiring of the property, as well as outlining the safety features such as the use of asbestos to help prevent possible fire started by the highly flammable nitrate film spreading. It tells of the use of suction fans that will be used in summer time to suck out the hot air to keep the patrons cool, and the able room that patrons have to move about. There is seating for 1400 patrons.

The Advertiser
12 July 1912
Image courtesy of Trove

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